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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my transmission fluid look like?
When checking the fluid level, take a few seconds to observe its color and consistency. Healthy fluid is clear and has a pink or reddish tint. If the transmission fluid appears dark brown and exudes a burnt odor, the transmission is slipping (you may not have noticed yet while driving). In addition, a foamy or milky fluid signals slippage. It means the engine cooling system is leaking water and coolant in the transmission fluid.
What should I do if I have a transmission leak?
Fluid leaks are also signs of trouble. Check the underside of the transmission casing for wetness and the ground directly below the transmission. Catch the leak early and the only expense to you is a front or rear seal. Leave them unattended and extended damage to the transmission can result.
How do I know if my transmission is slipping?
Slipping is the most common driving symptom of transmission trouble. When the transmission slips the gear changes become drawn out and a slight hesitation is felt as the shifts occur. A vehicle owner should NOT delay in having the problem checked. This condition usually signals an internal failure in the transmission.
What does it cost to have my transmission checked?

At All Transmission World (ATW) there is NO CHARGE for us to complete our Performance Check. This check includes:

  • A road test
  • Computer diagnostic
  • Lift inspection (to check all the hydraulic adjustments and connections)
  • Pan and filter inspection

The four steps are always necessary to determine if your transmission will need an internal inspection service.

Why is an internal inspection service important?
This might be necessary only if the performance check has determined that an internal part or parts have failed. The internal inspection includes removing the transmission from the vehicle and dismantling it and inspecting all of the internal parts.
Why is an internal inspection service important?
The first reason is to find out what caused the problem and what parts are in need of replacement. The second reason is to determine the cost. No one can tell you what is wrong with the transmission or what the cost of repairs will be until this procedure is completed. Do not be misled by unbelievably low price quotes without all of the above steps having been performed, especially an internal inspection.
How should I select an ethical transmission repair shop?

Reliable transmission experts follow procedures and ask questions such as the following:

Year/make, the specific symptom of trouble and ask how long the problem existed.

  • Service personnel carefully question the owner about the vehicle's operation.
  • Check the transmission fluid and the condition of the motor mounts.
  • Road test the vehicle to allow the specialist to experience the driving condition.
  • Put the vehicle on a lift to check for all possible external causes of difficulty.
  • If it is determined the problem is internal you should approve an internal inspection service so that a written estimate of the cost of repair, both parts and labor, as well as warranty information can be prepared.

Be assured that at ATW all of the procedures will be followed and a correct written estimate to the penny will be performed before any repairs are completed.